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Just a few comments from people who have experienced Telikin for themselves.

Professional Reviews

“...The Telikin resembles the monitor from the old Mac G4 Cube but all the features are completely built in including video chat, email, photo sharing, virus protection, etc. Computer neophytes will appreciate that the computer is ready to be used straight out of the box I just plug it in and go. Plus, the large 19" screen makes for easy viewing. The Telikin is also easy on the wallet...the Telikin is a great concept if you have been looking for a low maintenance computer to bring granny online...”

–The Sisyphus Comments web blog

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“...Telikin features a bold, simple user interface that's far easier for beginners than any Windows box.”

–From Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe.

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“This product, hands down, excited me more than anything else I saw at CES. I absolutely LOVED the Telikin! I have not been able to stop thinking about it for my mom. Please let me know how the Canadian version is coming along. I think I will wait for that one for her.”

–From Katy Papadopoulos, Director of All Things Creative.

“We have been studying this field for over five years and testing various computers, nothing comes close to Telikin. With its intuitive and structured menu of applications and clear-cut user interface, Telikin is the first computer truly made for baby boomers and older.”

–Jean Coppola, PhD, Professor of Gerontechnology, Pace University

“Telikin has an elegant solution for keeping in touch with its easy to use all-in-one computer.”

–From Jessica McKenna, National Girl Gadgets Examiner.

“Keep the fun part of personal computing– the Web browsing, e–mail, calendar, photo sharing, games and video chat– and lose the complexity and virus risk. Deliver it all in an 18.6–inch touch–screen device and you have the Telikin Computer.”

–Steve Morgenstern, AARP Tech Columnist.

Customer Reviews

“I have wanted a personal computer for a long time, but I did NOT want the complicated problems that can go with it. I am a senior and so I was cautious about this. I decided to get a 20" touch screen Telikin because this computer seemed to be less complex & easier for a senior to deal with. It was a very good decision. I got my computer & printer copier in Aug. 2011. I now exchange E mails with friends & family, do on-line searches, and one of my favorite things to do is to watch videos of my favorite artists. I really love the fact that Telikin can send me a blog from time to time with new information & it rolls right off the printer so I can look at the copy whenever I choose. Also when used as a copy machine I often do copies in color which I enjoy. Also Telikin has a very nice staff of people who can help if there are any questions.

Thank you Telikin. I believe you make a fine product and I enjoy it daily. It has really changed my life!”

–From Carol J. Smith The Villages (Lady Lake, FL)

“Hello Telikin Staff, I am a 79 year (old-young) lady. After using a Gateway computer and becoming frustrated with it, I decided I did not want a computer. Christmas of 2010, I received a Telikin as a gft from my daughter. I was not sure I wanted another computer.

The Telikin changed my way of thinking about a computer. I could not believe just how easy and enjoyable using a computer could be! The support team made such a huge difference as I could call and learn about it. The Skype feature, with built in camera and microphone, is wonderful! I talk to and see my 83 year (old-young) brother in Florida just about every day. I also talk to and see our grandchildren who live in various states. That is only one of the really terrific features of the Telikin. If I listed each feature, I would be writing a mini-book. Using the Web is so easy. I never thought I would be able to get so much interesting information.

Thank you Telikin people for a computer that I truly enjoy using and all the great new software you continually add to the Telikin. It keeps me in contact with my family and friends as well as keeping my mind active. Keep up the good work!! ”

–From Frances Thomas (Easton, PA)

“...I was looking for a total really had to be intuitive...easy to learn...easy to use...and you would use it every day...and at a good price point, that's how we chose Telikin.”

“Tech Buddy allows me to see exactly what my mother sees...I can guide her or move the mouse myself...that has helped us alot.”

–Dale Carter of Transition Aging Parents

“It's a very friendly's almost like a friend... I think Skype is's very clear... you feel like you could touch the person [you are video chatting with]”

–Dale's Mother Beverly

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“...a true utilitarian device that is easy for everyone to use and virtually problem free.”

–Review from

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“The Telikin is just great. Mom sits down with it every day and is always learning something new. Dad enjoys seeing updates about his grandson's volleyball games at college. Customer support has been very helpful the few times I have had to contact them. It is a great computer and a great service. I would recommend it to anyone!”

–From Annemarie Dunn.

“The Telikin has had a major impact on my life. Using a computer is so much easier now with the touch screen, as I have limited use of my hand. I am on my computer every day video chatting with family and friends, watching movies, surfing the web, and sharing photos. The Telikin has helped me to stay connected and I can’t imagine not having it. I was introduced to The Telikin when our rehabilitation department at United Hebrew of New Rochelle invited me to be part of a research project with the Telikin company. I loved it so much, I called a relative and he bought me one and donated two to United Hebrew. They are in the library and now other residents can enjoy them too. Thanks Telikin, for creating a computer that brings the people I care about just a touchscreen away.”

–From Pam Leichweiss.

“I cannot believe what all I can do with my computer. I am 83 years old and could never do in my 83 years what I can do now. Speak to my deaf niece and her deaf husband. They read my lips and we can have a nice conversation. They call every night and tell me good night and they wave and throw a kiss. I could never call them on the telephone before, because they cannot hear. I am so thankful that I bought this computer...”

–From Hannah Raymond.

“I love Telikin! Telikin is easy to read and to use! I get photo updates from my children and grandchildren all the time.”

–From Janet Frankenfield.

“The look of the Telikin is great! The extra large, sleek, picture–frame like monitor attracted me right away. It’s easy to clean touch screen is fun and helps to reduce the carpel tunnel discomfort that I get after being on a computer.
I love the simplicity of my Telikin and how easy it is to navigate each function. The extra steps that I normally had to go through in order to search the web are eliminated with the quick links. A touch of a button brings me where I need to go. The calendar feature is so easy to use and I really appreciate the reminders on the notice board.
Having my own personal digital picture frame right there on the screen is great. I love walking past my Telikin and seeing my family and friends, so much better then a screen saver! The video chat, email, contacts and photos features keep me easily in touch with everyone. I proudly show off my Telikin and would recommend it to anyone!!!”

–From Laura DiBiagio.

“Telikin is awesome, very slick… a great product!”

–From Doug Vogel.

“I have been using Telikin for three months and find it to be relatively easy to operate for a novice using a computer. Information is very clear to understand and the screen is very bright and easy to see. The support from Venture Three is excellent and I strongly recommend this product.”

–From Walter Zamorski.