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In a home desktop computer, Telikin is an excellent option

“Ready to go right out of the box, this all-in-one touch-screen computer provides a big button menu that displays all your favorite functions on the screen at all times. By simply touching the menu option of your choice with your finger, you can get instant access to the Web, email, games, video chat, photo sharing, news, weather and more.”

–Jim T. Miller, Savvy Senior article via The Huffington Post

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Nothing comes close to the Telikin

“We have been studying this field for over five years and testing various computers, nothing comes close to Telikin. With its intuitive and structured menu of applications and clear-cut user interface, Telikin is the first computer truly made for baby boomers and older.”

–Jean Coppola, PhD, Professor of Gerontechnology, Pace University

Three Great New Products I Found at CES

“This product, hands down, excited me more than anything else I saw at CES. I absolutely LOVED the Telikin! I have not been able to stop thinking about it for my mom. Please let me know how the Canadian version is coming along. I think I will wait for that one for her.”

–From Katy Papadopoulos, Director of All Things Creative.

Telikin Tops in Tech : Highlights from the 2011 CES

“Keep the fun part of personal computing– the Web browsing, e–mail, calendar, photo sharing, games and video chat– and lose the complexity and virus risk. Deliver it all in an 18.6–inch touch–screen device and you have the Telikin Computer.”

–Steve Morgenstern, AARP Tech Columnist.
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Computing Without the Learning Curve

“...Telikin features a bold, simple user interface that's far easier for beginners than any Windows box.”

–From Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe.

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Telikin Computer connects Seniors to the Information Highway

“I have had a keen interest in computers ever since I purchased my first Apple II more than three decades ago. The Telikin is by far the most user friendly computer I have ever encountered.”

–Robin Wulffson, MD on E Max Health

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Telikin Opening Up the World for Seniors!

“It is, in our opinion, the easiest, most suitable computer for an older or un-computer savvy user. Telikin is an easy to use, all in one, touchscreen computer designed with seniors in mind.”

–Joyce Campisi, Pittsburgh's Nightwire Magazine

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The Telikin PC for Caregivers

“What has impressed me about the Telikin PC was the ease of the set up and how quickly I was able to connect the computer to my wireless network. The computer is user-friendly and easy to maneuver.”

–Chris MacLellan, The Purple Jacket

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How a Computer Changed my Mother's Life, In Her Words

“Last month, she received her first computer, a Telikin, and is now giving demos to her friends.”

–Dale Carter, Transition Aging Parents
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Telikin - The Silver Ponytail Computer

“...all the features are completely built in including video chat, email, photo sharing, virus protection, etc. Computer neophytes will appreciate that the computer is ready to be used straight out of the box I just plug it in and go. Plus, the large 19" screen makes for easy viewing. The Telikin is also easy on the wallet...the Telikin is a great concept if you have been looking for a low maintenance computer to bring granny online...”

–The Sisyphus Comments web blog

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Review: Telikin-all-in-one-computer

“Telikin has an elegant solution for keeping in touch with its easy to use all-in-one computer.”

–From Jessica McKenna, National Girl Gadgets Examiner.

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Customer Testimonials         Reviews

“Couldn't believe how quick it was to set up … ”  More

  –Tony A., Evansville, IL

“...Finally the computer world is open to me!!!”  More

  –Judith F., Manchester, NJ

“...the most incredible device I have ever seen in a long time”  More

  –Jeffrey H., via Facebook
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“Easy to get connected, easy to get going...”  More

  –Tom P., Wilmington, NC
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“Bought this computer for my mother who is mostly housebound...she feels less isolated and alone... thank you Telikin!”  More

  –Debbie W., Needham, MA

“This is an Amazing Product!”  More

  –Kathy K., Gold River, CA

“…you make a fine product and I enjoy it daily. It has really changed my life!....”  More

  –Carol S. "The Villages" Lady Lake, FL

“Thank you Telikin people for a computer that I truly enjoy using and all the great new software you continually add to the Telikin.”  More

  –Frances T. Easton, PA

“I was looking for a total really had to be intuitive...easy to learn...easy to use...and you would use it every day...and at a good price point, that's how we chose Telikin.”  More

  –Dale Carter of Transition Aging Parents

“It's a very friendly computer...”  More

  –Dale's Mother Beverly

“Where do you find these nice, polite, and knowledgeable people?...”  More

  –Bonnie H. Fort Worth, TX

“The Telikin is just great. Mom sits down with it every day and is always learning something new...”  More

  –Annemarie D., Oxford, PA

“Telikin brings the people I care about just a touchscreen away...”  More

  –Pam L., New Rochelle, NY

“I cannot believe what all I can do with my computer...”  More

  –Hannah R., Louisville, KY

“I love Telikin! Telikin is easy to read and to use! I get photo updates from my children and grandchildren all the time.”

  –Janet F., Punta Gorda, FL

“The look of the Telikin is great! The extra large, sleek, picture–frame like monitor attracted me right away.”  More

  –Laura D., Hatfield, PA

“Telikin is awesome, very slick… a great product!”

  –Doug V., Sellersville, PA

“…The support from Venture Three is excellent and I strongly recommend this product.”  More

  –Walter Z., Lansdale, PA

Amazon Reviews         Reviews

5 stars on Amazon   “My Love for Telikin,”  More 

  –Ida Chayet - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Excellant computer for seniors”  More 

  –Amazon Customer - Amazon Review (February 12, 2017)

5 stars on Amazon   “Best available for seniors with middle / low computer fluency”  More 

  –Raimu - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Easy to use”  More 

  –H. Morey - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “I absolutely love it. I use it mainly to transfer photos...”  More 

  –Barbara L. Moran - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Simple and Reliable. Mom Loves it.”  More 

  –John D - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “80-year-old mother-in-law and father-in-law extremely happy...”  More 

  –Dennis Dutra - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Works like a charm!”  More 

  –moose409 - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Excellent for Seniors!”  More 

  –Jill H. - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Excellent and practical for business or personal use - for any age,”  More 

  –Vicky G. - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Very pleased, excellent product,”  More 

  –JB - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Just right!”  More 

  –Willingtine "wjohenry" - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “exactly what she wanted”  More 

  –James A Civarra - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Excellent Choice for Seniors”  More 

  –Vivian Lobel - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Perfect computer for my husband”  More 

  –Readsalot - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “My Telikin Computer”  More 

  –Jon E. Brubaker - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “A great computer for senior citizens”  More 

  –Karen G - Amazon Review

4 stars on Amazon   “Great for my 88 year old parents!”  More 

  –Nanette - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Great Product”  More 

  –Amazon Customer - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Perfect for Seniors”  More 

  –Vickie Little - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “buy this now!!!!!!!”
ok, this is possibly the best purchase i have ever made…  More 

  –Frances R. Sorem - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “This computer was just perfect for my mother”  More 

  –Judy Cartwright - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Telikin Elite, Excellent Product”  More 

  –sefekh - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Thank You Telikin.”  More 

  –In Illinois - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Worth the extra $$ -- it's about the comfort, not the technology”  More 

  –Robert Riley "Information Seeker" - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Soooooo Easy to Use”  More 

  –Quiltbat - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “I Love It”  More 

  –Elise Smith - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Excellent for the Novice”  More 

  –M. Monahan "chelle" - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Perfect Design of Hardware and User Interface”  More 

  –mike4bev, - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “This is the perfect PC for those that are new to the Computer and the Internet world!”  More 

  JerrySPA - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Great for 90-Year Old Mother-in-Law!”  More 

  MaryinOLY - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Great Buy!”  More 

  Shari L. Martin (Honolulu, HI) - Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon   “Excellent Design for Target Market Segment”  More 

  Chicago John - Amazon Review


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